9 Ways to Prevent Envy from Negatively Impacting your Life

Envy or jealousy is a negative emotion that surfaces when you compare what you have to what others have. If left unchecked, it’s a good way to make your life miserable. Jealousy can make you feel hard done by, and this type of victim mentality can be damaging to your physical and mental health. Envy can foster distress, lead to resentment, and set us on the road to depression.

Let’s take a closer look at nine ways you can prevent envy from negatively impacting your life…



1. Be Grateful for What You Have

All too often people get caught up in what others have achieved or are awarded rather than appreciate what blessings are happening in their own lives. When we do this we only look at what the other person has received and not the cost they may have paid to get there.

For example, if somebody inherits a large sum of money, it’s easy to forget this happened because their mother or father passed away. The pain and grief is a horrible price to pay for an inheritance.


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