The 10 Best Reasons to Quit Smoking

Kicking a smoking habit can be a painfully aggravating journey of nagging cravings, irritable mood swings, appetite roller coasters, and embarrassing failures.

However, for every awful withdrawal symptom—these ten positives give you reason to quick smoking once and for all…


1. Cash Savings

It should be no surprise that once you quit smoking you’ll save a ton of cash.  With cigarettes anywhere from $5 to $10 per pack (depending on where you reside and how much you smoke) a month of smoking can coat upwards of several hundred dollars. And you’ll not only have a lot of extra money due to not buying cigarettes any longer, you’ll save money on laundry costs, car cleaning costs, and house purification costs (i.e., carpet and upholstery cleaning) to banish that awful stale smoke smell.

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