5 Ways Second Hand Smoke Harms your Child’s Health

As a smoker, you’ve probably been reminded many times that smoking is bad for you. However, the conversation has since moved away from just your own health, and how second hand smoke affects others—namely children.

A child’s lungs are still in development and don’t have the same capacity to handle impurities in the air like an adult’s do, so it’s especially important to avoid smoking around them. Even if you have committed to only smoking outside, there’s still a risk to your children from third-hand smoke (the leftover toxins), according to HealthyChildren.org. Here are five reasons second hand smoke is no joke…



1. Stunted Lung Growth

Cigarette and pipe tobacco smoke can not only affect your child’s underdeveloped lungs, it may end up causing their lungs to never develop to their full potential, according to HealthyChildren.org. That means less lung capacity later in life, and lung capacity is important to feed proper amounts of oxygen to the heart and brain.

It’s not surprising then that the same source says second-hand smoke can greatly increase the risk of children developing chronic coughs, or more serious conditions such as pneumonia. This is especially impact to children who already have asthma.

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