Busting 8 Common Myths About the Flu Vaccine

2. Pregnant Women Should Get a Flu Shot

A 2017 article from Harvard Medical School explains that there have been some concerns around flu shots and pregnancy, with some recent research suggesting that flu vaccines can heighten the chance of a miscarriage. However, the researchers did not establish a clear link between these 2-things – only that miscarriages were “slightly more common” with 28-days of getting the shot.

However, getting the flu while pregnant can sometimes lead to worse symptoms than usual along with serious complications – and in some instances, even death, adds the source. “Put this risk of severe complications from the flu together with the relatively low risk of the flu vaccine, and it’s easy to understand why getting the flu shot during pregnancy is so strongly recommended,” adds the article. The vaccine can also help protect your baby before it’s born (by safely passing along antibodies), as the virus can also be fatal to newborns, it adds.


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