8 Ways to Speed Up Recovery After Surgery

We all know that surgeons are very precise and that surgical procedures have come a long way over the years, but the truth is that you’re still having a knife (or laser) making a hole in your body for whatever reason. While these incisions are sometimes small, your body still needs time to recoup.

Whether you’re in for an extended hospital stay or at home, you should be prepared to be in recovery mode for a while following the procedure – and depending on what it was for can impact the time for your body to be back to normal. Here are eight tips to bounce back quicker after going under the knife…


1. Move Around Regularly

Although it may feel counter-intuitive, getting up and moving around occasionally will help your body speed recovery, notes Livestrong.com. “Leave your bed two to three times per day and walk as much as you are able, or as your doctor advises,” suggests the site. If you’re not mobile, then try to change positions in bed now and then, it adds.

This may require some assistance to safely get out of bed, but don’t be afraid to ask for it for the sake of your health. You may also need to time your doses of pain medication to allow you to get out of bed relatively comfortably (have someone help you walk if there are balance issues).

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