6 Vital Health Impacts of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals

Doctors can perform near miracles these days, and it’s almost as if they can see inside you to get a diagnosis. Well, actually, they can thanks to advancements in medical imaging over the years—such x-rays, CT scans and MRIs.

Once a problem has been identified, imaging teams can target it with radiation, which can shrink tumors without having major impact on surrounding tissues. However, none of this would be possible without the skill and training of the imaging team, so let’s take a closer look at six positive impacts these professionals have on your health…

1. Catching Breast Cancer Early

Breast cancer is the most common forms of this killer disease among women—but thanks to advancements in technology, imaging professionals can have a much clearer look at the breast tissue and advise you more accurately during the first visit.

Carestream.com notes that 3D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis) is becoming more popular, thanks to its ability to locate lesions and reduce recall rates. It’s also being touted as a more effective technique for examining denser tissue.


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