6 Surprising Health Problems Revealed by a Simple Blood Test

The last time your doctor sent you for a blood test it was likely to rule out a nutrient or hormonal deficiency or to diagnose high cholesterol. What you might not know is that a simple blood test can also reveal and even predict certain health issues—such as your risk of substance abuse, anxiety or depression, and even your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are six surprising health problems that can be revealed by a simple blood test…


1. Predisposition to Alcoholism

In addition to blood cholesterol and vitamin B levels, it turns out that a blood test can also reveal if you’re biologically disposed to alcoholism. Research conducted at the University of Illinois on alcohol and alcoholism revealed a higher risk in those with higher levels of a certain blood chemical, known as “PEth”.

The University of Illinois researchers found notable spikes present in blood PEth of college-aged kids. Furthermore, high PEth is common in older adult alcoholics.


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