10 Signs of a Sinus Infection

3. Tooth Pain

An achy pain across the top teeth is common to those with a sinus infection. What you’re feeling isn’t actually tooth pain, but pressure in the area due to inflammation of the sinus membranes, which can feel like an even toothache. According to research from Dentistry Today,  sinusitis can affect any of the 7 sinuses (or air-filled cavities) located in the head.

The 7 sinuses include sphenoid sinus, maxillary sinus, frontal sinus, ethmoid sinus, mastoid sinus with inflammation. In fact, roughly approximately 15-percet of the U.S. population suffers with chronic sinusitis, according to research from the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research, due to several causes including sinus infection, allergies, chemical irritation, sinus, obstruction, and tooth infection.


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