10 Recommendations for Diabetes Health Maintenance

2. Review Results of Blood Glucose Monitoring

Most doctors recommend individuals with diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels, anywhere from once to four times per day. It is vital that individuals keep a log of their blood glucose levels and provide a copy to their doctor. The log can give doctors an indication of how well an individual’s diabetes is controlled.

The ADA suggests the following blood glucose targets for adult with diabetes, “Before a meal (pre-prandial blood glucose): 70- to 130-mg/dL, 1 – to 2-hours after a meal (postprandial blood glucose): Less than 180-mg/dL, of note, low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) is defined as less than 70-mg/dL.” Glucose monitors can be used on the fingertips, forearm, or thigh. Urine tests for glucose in the urine are not as accurate as blood glucose checks, and should be avoided. The cost of most glucose monitors and supplies are covered by health insurance.


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