The Great American Smokeout: National Cessation Day

The Great American Smokeout is coming up on November 15th, 2012. This year marks the 37 anniversary of the National Cessation Day. The goal of the day is to get smokers to quit for just one day. If you or a loved one smokes, use this day to make a plan to quit, or quit smoking on that day.

The Great American Smokeout website gives resources to make quitting smoking easier. They state that tobacco use is “the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US, yet about 43.8 million Americans still smoke cigarettes — Nearly 1 in every 5 adults. As of 2010, there were also 13.2 million cigar smokers in the US, and 2.2 million who smoke tobacco in pipes — other dangerous and addictive forms of tobacco.”

They also supply a “Guide To Quitting Smoking” pdf book. They start the 43 page document with the famous Mark Twain quotation, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” Let’s make it a great year to quit for good! Read their guide to smoking cessation here.

It’s a great time to start healthy habits!

Source: Cancer

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