Smokers Who Quit Can Obtain Normal Health Status Again

Good news for smokers: If you quit now, it’s just a matter of years before your health is back on par with that of your non-smoking pals. Two new studies using information from Statistics Canada studies shows that smokers who choose to kick the habit can return to the same health status of those who have never smoked in their lives. There’s one catch though: it takes time.

According to the new studies, women who quit will be back on par with their non-smoking counterparts in just 10 years (on average). Men, on the other hand, better make their decisions a little quicker, considering it takes them upwards of 20 years to to completely detox, the study reveals.

When asked why the time frame varies so much between men and women, Statistics Canada senior researcher Dider Garriguet believes it may have something to do with different smoking patterns among the two sexes:

“Women smoke less than men when they do smoke…So that’s one possible explanation,” Garriguet, who was not directly involved in either of the studies explains. “Because we see that intensity also has a role to play in how long it takes to see the health benefits coming back to what they were when you were not a smoker at all.”

Garriguet also notes that the actual time it takes someone to return to normal health status depends on several factors, including how long and how often they smoked. “There will be differences between people, of course,” Garriguet said. “Like for some people, it will probably take five years until they have the same quality of life. For some people, they will never see their quality of life going back to the same thing.”

So put down the cigarette and pick up a nice glass of lemon water. It’s never too late to get your health back.

Source: The Star

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