Medical Marijuana Supplier Recalls Batch of ‘Purple Kush’

One of the major arguments in favour of commercially-produced, government-approved medical marijuana: it’s supposed to be safer than the home-grown, unregulated cannabis people have been consuming for years. But now a west coast medical marijuana supplier is recalling one of its products after Health Canada found “issues with the company’s production practices.”

The supplier in question is British Columbia-based Greenleaf Medicinals. In a recent statement, Greenleaf asked customers to immediately stop using a batch of Purple Kush marijuana labeled “PK-10-20-13”.

(Purple Kush is a strain of cannabis typically grown in the Pacific Northwest. It is considered one of the more potent types of marijuana.)

Not much is known about the recall. Health Canada spokesperson Erika-Kirsten Easton said only that the Greenleaf Medicinals marijuana was “not a danger to those people using the product, but they are being asked to discontinue use.”

Easton did not elaborate on what “production practices” might have alarmed Health Canada.

Obviously, the recall will be devastating for Greenleaf Medicinals, which has since taken its main website offline. The company has also been removed from a Health Canada list of authorized licensed producers of medical marijuana.

In an effort to get Greenleaf customers safer marijuana, Health Canada is working with other suppliers to meet the demand.

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is not legal in Canada. It remains illegal to possess marijuana unless authorized under precise regulations with the support of medical professionals.

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