8 Ways to Beat the Cold Weather Blues

I’ll be honest, weaning daylight, wind, rain, snowing and blowing does not make “lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you” or anyone, for that matter. I’m not a skier, a snow boarder, a snow shower, or a snow mobile enthusiast, which means, come mid-November, I’m ready to go into full hibernation mode, and only bundling up in a parka and snow boots to leave the house when absolutely necessary. And I mean ABSOUTELY necessary!

Employ these eight tips to beat the cold weather blues…



1. Stalking Sunshine

I know that sunshine is rare during the November to March timeframe. However, exercise psychologists at Columbia University, in New York, give us reason to take full advantage of what little daylight we do get.

So despite the beckoning of your couch, resist the urge in order to get outdoors, even during cold weather. While vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) brightens mood and soothes depression—research shows that even getting outside on gray days can thaw your autumn and winter blues.

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