7 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Grow Vegetables

Nothing beats the warm, buttery taste of a fresh tomato plucked right off the vine or the refreshing crispness of lettuce picked straight from the soil. Vegetable gardens are not only rewarding in flavor, but also in the nutritional and health benefits associated with them. Besides the access to fresh produce all season long, and the money savings involved with growing your own food—continued research indicates that vegetable gardening is good for you and your whole family.

Here are seven good reasons to start your own vegetable garden today…



1. Gardening Burns Calories

Let’s face it; it’s really tough to get enough exercise every week. Gardening is good for the body, as well as the table. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention calculates that an average person burns 330-calories per hour doing light gardening or yard work. That’s the same amount of calories you’d burn dancing and more than what you’d torch with a leisurely bike ride.

According to a recent study of 100 gardeners in the U.K., conducted by NetVoucherCodes.co.uk, just 3-hours of gardening is equivalent to a 1-hour intense gym workout. The study indicates that the typical gardener burned up to 19000-calories during a 6-month season.

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