6 Tips for Making Healthier Restaurant Choices…from Real Nutritionists

Many of us opt to avoid lunches and dinners out at restaurants when we’re trying to shed a few pounds. Why? Because it’s difficult to control what goes into your food when you’re not the chef preparing it.

However, enjoying a social meal out doesn’t have to mean ditching your healthy eating goals. Instead, you can take charge of the menu (and what’s on your plate) by taking these food ordering tips from real nutritionists to heart, and mouth…


1. Have a Healthy Snack Prior to your Dinner Date

Snacking before dinner might seem counterintuitive. I mean, you’ll likely ruin your ravenous appetite if you snack on say, apple slices with almond butter before your date. But that’s the point, according to certified health coach, eating psychology coach, and nutritionist, Jenny Eden Berk.

According to Berk, eating a fiber-filled, healthy snack prior to dinning out will ensure you’re not so starving you’ll gobble up everything in sight upon arrival, which is typically the bread basket and an array deep fried appetizers.


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