10 Nutrients for Healthy, Shiny, Strong Hair

There are hundreds of beauty products that claim to do magnificent things to your hair– make it shine, reduce frizz, keep it healthy–but the best way to get that commercially, salon-envy hair is through nutrients, and you don’t necessarily need to use a beauty product to get it.

A lot of the nutrients that will make your hair healthy are also beneficial to your overall health. So not only will you reap the benefits of healthy hair by introducing essential nutrients into your diet, you’ll generally feel better and in some cases, reduce the risk of several diseases. Get gorgeous hair now with these ten nutrients for healthy, shiny, strong hair…



1. Vitamin D

As if you need another reason to get outside and enjoy the sun! Vitamin D is a well-known nutrient that activates hair growth. Though ideally you would love to have the time to sit outside and soak up the rays every day, it’s not necessarily practical (and you’d need to layer up on sunscreen to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your skin). Instead, you can take a daily vitamin D supplement of 1,000mg to reap the benefits and get shiny locks in the process.

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